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A cell resonance system uses the same magnetic resonance that spins the earth to "spin" your cells. Your cells are designed to move around the body to transport important hormones, nutrients and oxygen that allows your body to function at it's best. A lot of stuff in our environment these days block that natural ability. A cell resonance system simply stimulates the cells to function normally which accelerates healing and creates everyday wellness. This system (pictured on the right) is a "plug and play" human body size mat that you lay on for a few minutes per day to create these results.

Because the system works at the cell level it allows vitamins from food and supplements to be fully absorbed in the body. If cells are inflamed or tense from disease or injury good stuff can't get in there to its job. A lot of the money invested in supplements literally goes down the toilet! Then people wonder why the product is not working. We have to create the environment in the body first so the healing can begin. This system is one of the best on the market and combines universal healing knowledge super-charged with innovative technology to naturally activate your body's own powers of self-healing.

In today's accelerated environment, our bodies experience diverse levels of stress we were not originally designed for. The same way athletes support and train their bodies to function at peak levels, today we all need support to release toxins from pollution, preservatives in food, aches and pains from daily physical wear and tear, and emotional stress from long days at work and at home raising our families. Click here for newsletter.

Imagine your fist clenched tight. Cells cluster like this in an inflamed environment of physical, mental, or emotional stress; when you hit your elbow, someone cuts you off in traffic, or when you fight with your boss or mate!

Now imagine unfurling your fingers open. That's what cells do when you are relaxed. Everything in the body and mind works better like this. Using a magnetic resonance system as part of your daily routine, cells are optimized in this way by relaxing any resistance, so oxygen can enter so we think clearly, nutrients can enter to give us energy, and blood flows better to decrease inflammation and pain. And when blood flows better, what else happens? You can throw the viagra prescription away!

This cell resonance system simply creates the enviroment in your body to function at its best so the body can heal itself, naturally, without drugs. It is the foundation for all health and complements any fitness, wellness and therapeutic practice.

How does it work? It is a "plug and play" human body size mat connected to a biofeedback computer that personalizes each 8-16 minute session to rebalance frequency and cell function according to your current body temperature, oxygen intake, and heart rate.

The system resembles a yoga mat so it is easy to set-up in any massage therapy environment or on your bed or couch. 90% of people do not feel anything in the body during the session; your cells do. You simply lie down and rest for the duration of the session. For home use 16 minutes in the morning while you press the snooze button, and 16 minutes at night before sleep is ideal.

vita-life® is the manufacturer of one of the best cell resonance systems on the market. It is a wellness-in-action system you use while you nap, so you can live a value fulfilled lifestyle and do what you want to do at peak performance levels every day. When implemented into your daily routine the vita-life system provides the body with a "super-charged rest". That is exactly what it feels like, and it takes just a few minutes each day. It realigns the polarities in the cells which allows them to function at their best and receive nutrients from the food we eat, and oxygen that keeps our thinking clear. Vita "cell optimization" is accomplished using magnetic field resonance in a specific pulse, waveform and frequency combination.

What makes the vita-life® system unique is the proprietary bio-feedback computing functionality that allows the system to personalize the session in exact accordance to your physical needs at the moment. A finger sensor reads your pulse, heart rate variability, oxygen partial pressure, and skin resistance. Then the vita-life® system adjusts magnetic field frequency based on your bio-feedback reading and automatically adjusts to support the correction of any imbalance in the body with a complementary dose of frequencies and field strength of the magnetic field. Lower frequencies are applied for rest or general stress you can't put your finger on and higher frequencies used to support correction of trauma in a specific area of the body or to prepare the body for athletic performance.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

cell wellness products

the vita life system package

$9900 (cash, check, or credit card)

$50 per day
$250 per week
$1,000 per month for 12 months
(pay as you go and return anytime) 

  • human body applicator (to lay on while resting - works through clothes)
  • local body applicator (for general areas: arms, legs, neck)
  • pen probe applicator (for specific areas: teeth, acne, wounds, bruises)
  • chip card software for 24 programs
  • bio-feedback computer
  • bio-feedback sensor
  • power supply
  • carrying case

FAQS about Cell Resonance Systems


Science Questions 


What is the difference between cell resonance systems and the magnets I've seen athlete's wear?   

vita-life is a magnetic résonance system, which is different than the use static magnets. vita-life patented the coil system to create a safe closed circuit equally distributed magnetic field ideal for daily home use.  The vita-life closed circuit innovation operates the same way the magnetic polarities of the North and South Poles serve to spin the Earth and continually create life.  In the same way, vita-life spins your cells so they function at their best to continually create life.    


How does magnetic resonance help the body?    

Magnetic pulse applied to the body in specific frequencies allow cells to function at optimum levels and rebalance from every day wear and tear on our bodies, injuries, préservatives in our food, toxins from pollution, and emotional, and mental stress.   

vita-life magnetic resonance simply creates the ideal environment in our bodies so we can heal naturally.   

Where specifically does the magnetic field act on the body? 

The vita-life magnetic field vibrates 3 feet in all directions of the mat and acts on every cell in the body. The human body contains 50 -70 trillion cells (one trillion is 12 zeros!).  

Can magnetic field therapy revitalize dead cells? 

No. Magnetic fields cannot recreate cells that no longer exist.  Magnetic fields revitalize cells that have been disturbed from normal function and create the environment for cells to perform at peak performance levels. 

Is is possible to over stimulate cells with magnetic field therapy? 

No. Similar to your car engine, your cells will only optimize to the level as they were built. Cell Resonance will not create a bionic man and woman ! ;0)   


Product Questions 


Can I use the cell resonance system while watching TV or talking on the phone?  

No. For ideal results at the cellular level, the body should be horizontal, quiet, and relaxed during the session 

Can I hurt myself using the system?    

No, but overuse without energy release may result in overstimulation of the body and inability to sleep.   

Can you use cell resonance too much?   

No, but at the cellular level less (subtle) is more.  The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends maximum use of one hour per day.   

Why 8-16-40 minute sessions?   

If you plan on running a marathon today try a 40 minute session. If not, please follow session recommendations from the vita-life wellness manual. Cell optimization requires daily 8-16 minute sessions.   

What happens if you fall asleep on the mat?   

The system will automatically turn off when the session is complete and shut down after 5 minutes of non-use.   

Are there side effects for over exposure to magnetic resonance?   

The only side effect from using too high intensity or over use may be inability to sleep.  If you still can't sleep vita-life recommends using the SENS program (the lowest frequency strength) twice. 


What specific information from the body does the bio-feedback read?  

Sweat, body température, heart rate variance and oxygen intake. 


Does the biofeedback data adjust the frequency of the field coils? 

Yes.  The biofeedback computer will adjust the frequency to bring your cells and you into balance.   


The biofeedback sensor is not working on my finger? 

To produce the best result right before a session rub your fingers together to generate heat and good blood flow to your finger. 

How do I prepare for a session ?  

Drink one glass of water before a session to hydrate, and one glass after a session to release toxins. 


Who should not use the vita-life system?  

Anyone who is pregnant, has epilepsy or has a pacemaker.  

Is the vita-life system FDA approved? 

Since it harnesses and activates the natural forces of nature, vita-life is an "over the counter" wellness system designed for daily home use and does not require FDA approval.


Why is it expensive? 

A lot of people rely only on treatments that health insurance companies will pay for.  They will not offer you this.  This is clearly an investment in prevention and to create daily personalized health care that you control.  Keep in mind, the vita-life system costs the about the same as an overnight stay in the hospital.  In the long term it will save you money due to rising costs to maintain your health.  




vita-life is a billion dollar company based in Europe and manufactures the vita-life system.  They are the world market leader in the field of natural magnetic resonance cell stimulation and innovator in creating a technologically advanced spa and easy home-use system. Established in 1995, 500,000 systems worldwide to date.  Used a lot by professional athletes in Europe to recover from intense training, today we all need support to release toxins from pollution, preservatives in food, aches and pains from daily physical wear and tear, and emotional stress from long days at work and at home raising our families.

vita-life is expanding its product line to include beauty and health products and takes pride in showing people the way to greater vitality and wellness with vita life's innovative products.

Thursday, July 17, 2008



In 3,000 sport clubs in Europe cell resonance systems are used by athletes as part of daily training programs to enhance their performance levels naturally.


Program 16
The Warm-up program prepares the athlete for both physical and mental stress in training or competition. The program increases performance efficiency from the start to produce better heat development in the muscles and faster metabolic processes to make energy available. P16 is ideal to prepare and support the muscles for action:

  • supports better heat development in the muscles
  • enables more rapid readiness for performance
  • reduces the risk of injury
  • backs-up and shortens the warm-up period
  • enhances faster metabolic processes to make energy available

Program 17
Football, Alpine Skiing, Bodybuilding
The Strength program increases maximum strength and the speed of muscle contractions. The program supplements conventional strength training. It is particularly useful for improving intensive, short-term physical resilience, e.g., in football, alpine skiing, bodybuilding.

• enhances maximum strength and contraction speed of muscles
• supplements conventional training
• improves short-term loading capacity

Program 17 supports the neuromuscular system and causes optimized contractions. It can be applied before and during strength training and provides an optimum back-up for dynamic and static maximum strength training.

Fast Strength
Program 18
The Fast Strength program improves the speed of development of maximum strength over short periods and the effect of explosive movements in jump, sprint and throwing events. The program increases the speed of muscle contractions. It is best used after a series of applications using program P17 "Strength".

• supports maximum strength development over a short period
• enhances the speed of muscle contraction
• should be used after a series of P17

"Fast strength" means the capacity of the neuromuscular system to overcome resistance with the maximum possible contraction speed. Fast strength is obtained from the combination of starting strength, explosive strength and maximum strength. Program P18 supports the speed of contractions in the muscles when applied before fast strength training.

Aerobic Endurance
Program 19
Cross Country Skiing, Marathon Performance, Triathlon
The Aerobic Endurance program is used to increase performance in endurance sports to improve oxygen uptake by the muscles and activate slow muscle fibers. The term "endurance" refers to a general psycho-physical resistance to the symptoms of fatigue. For aerobic endurance, energy is principally made available as a result of oxygen uptake. Program P19 optimizes the capacity for oxygen transport and blood distribution. It can be applied before all forms of endurance sport.

• enhances performance in endurance sports
• improves oxygen uptake by the muscles
• activates the slow muscles
• e.g., cross-country, marathon, triathlon, among others

Anaerobic Endurance
Program 20
Swimming and Cycle Sprints
The Anaerobic Endurance program optimizes the load profile for extremely high sport loads over short and medium-term periods, such as middle-distance running, short-distance swimming and cycle sprints. The program improves the lactic acid capacity of the muscles.

• optimizes extremely high loads of short and medium duration
• improves lactic acid capacity of the muscles
• e.g., bicycle sprints, medium distance running, among others

Oxygen uptake is not sufficient to supply enough energy for performance development in the anaerobic field; lactate (lactic acid) is formed. The body becomes hyperacidic, the muscles fatigued and the body is forced to slow its activity. Program P20 optimizes increased circulation to the working muscles; it improves oxygen and nutrient supply and the removal of waste substances. It is applied, in particular, before and during extremely high sporting loads for short-term and medium-term endurance sports.

Program 21
The Capillarization program increases arterial circulation in the muscles and develops the capillaries, particularly in the field of fast muscle fibers. The program is an ideal supplement to anaerobic endurance training. The program is used to regulate circulation in the field of general health care. It improves venous blood flow and helps with "heavy legs".

• increases circulation in the muscle
• ideal supplement to training for anaerobic endurance
• supports circulation regulation
• enhances venous blood flow

While only three to five percent of the capillaries in the body are open at rest, all the capillaries are open and additionally dilated during endurance loads. The number of open capillaries increases 30 to 50 times under load; the better the base endurance, the better the capillary density and hence the supply situation to the muscles. Program P21 optimizes capillary density and hence the supply situation to the muscles; it encourages capillarization of the fast muscle fibers. It should be used during training for fast strength sports and as a supplement to anaerobic endurance training.

Program 22
Stretching & Loosening
The Tonolysis program is used to relax muscular tension and alleviate acute muscle pain. The program has a similar effect to stretching and loosening exercises. This program helps to relax tension and protective positions in the muscles; it promotes the restoration of balance and the alleviation of acute muscle tension and pain.

• similar action to stretching and loosening exercises
• supports alleviation of acute muscle pain
• supports alleviation of muscular tension

Active Recovery
Program 23
Minimize effects of aching muscles
The Active Recovery program increases circulation, accelerates the breakdown of waste products, and encourages the secretion of endorphins. The program minimizes the effects of aching muscles. It restores full performance efficiency within the shortest possible time after high levels of exertion.

• enahances increased circulation
• accelerates the breakdown of waste products
• encourages the secretion of endorphins
• minimizes the effects of muscle strain and soreness

In order to support the process of regeneration, it is important to undertake active recovery and cooling down after training or competitions. The formation of lactic acid during exercise results in hyperacidity of the musculature and muscles become fatigued. To combat this, active recovery is aimed at forcing the muscles to transport waste products away as a result of increased cardiovascular activity and better circulation. Program P23 improves the circulation and decreases muscles tone. Waste products are broken down more quickly and glycogen incorporated faster. This can prevent the occurrence of stiff aching muscles.

Program 24
Breath Training, Mental Training
The Relaxation program has a general relaxing and regulating effect on the body. The program improves circulation and often has a pain-alleviating effect.

Program P24 has a relaxing and spasmolytic effect that eases tension. It should be used, in particular, after strenuous exercise in training and competitions with high stress factors. It is also very suitable fro use in mental training, in connection with breathing training, for example.

• supports relaxing and regulatory effect
• improves circulation
• supports pain alleviating action
• also highly suitable for enhancing mental training

Do you have a specific wellness issue?

vita-life makes no medical claims.  Cell resonance simply creates the environment in your body so the body can heal itself.  Working at the cell level this is possible.  Healthy cells are the foundation for all wellness.  It is an investment in prevention and in your personalized daily health care.  

Allergies, acne, asthma, blood pressure regulation, skin diseases and wounds, bruises, headaches and migraines, sinus, nervous system (MS, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, neuropathy), metabolic disorders (diabetes, thyroid, obesity, gout), prostate and urinary issues, dentistry, and locomotor system issues (shoulder, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hip, knee, wrist, etc.; any pain from head to toe).



  • Difficulties falling asleep/staying asleep
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Jet Lag
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (use P18 in am)

USE FULL BODY MAT:  2-3 times daily
AUTO PROGRAM in the morning @ 25% for 16 minutes
PROGRAM P24 at night @ 10% for 16 minutes     


For difficulty falling asleepapply immediately before sleep.

For difficulty staying asleepapply 30 minutes before sleep

Programs for:

  • Myalgia
  • Arthritis (low strength only)
  • Whiplash (P22)
  • Tension
  • Slipped Disk
  • Inflammation
  • Strains
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Scoliosis



2-3 times daily

Auto @ 50% in the morning, 10% at night

16 minutes per session                   


2-3 times daily


16 minutes per session                  


2-8 times daily


8 minutes per session

Call or email Marie for recommendations to treat your specific health issue.